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Oil Country Tubular Goods are used in the drilling and operation of gas and oil wells. OCTG encompasses drill pipe, casing, and tubing.

A. Drill Pipe is used as a rotating stem for drill bits, to drill the well, and as a conveyance for air or drilling mud
which lubricates the drill bit and conveys cuttings to the surface. Drill pipe is a seamless steel pipe which
has great torsional strength and high resistance to fatigue stresses. Available in 23/8" through 65/8%" 0D.

Drill pipe is available in specifications API 5A and API 5AX in the following grades:
Grade "0" - 55,000 PSI Min. Yield
Grade "E" - 75,000 PSI Min. Yield
Grade "X-95" - 95,000 PSI Min. Yield
Grade "G-105" - 105,000 PSI Min. Yield
Grade "S-135" - 135,000 PSI Min. Yield

Surface finish - regular mil! coating or bare.
End finish - Internal Upset
External Upset
Plain End Upset for flashweld tool joints
Non Upset - Plain Ends
Lengths - Range 2 and 3

B. Casing is used as a structural retainer for the walls of a gas or oil well, to resist collapse from external pressures and burst from internal pressures, and having sufficient joint tensile strength to hang casing strings to required depths. Availabe in 4';''' through 20" 00. Casing is available in specification API5CT in
the following grades: H-40, J-55, K-55, N-80, L-80, C-90, C-95, T-95, P-110 and 0-125. Widely used Non-API grades are: Proprietary 95 with high collapse values, and V-150.

Surface finish - regular mill coating or bare.
End finish - Plain ends, Square Cut or Beveled
T&C - API Short Couplings
T&C - API Long Couplings
T&C - API Buttress Couplings
T&C - Special Clearance Couplings API Long & Short
T&C - Special Clearance Couplings API Buttress
Lengths - Range 1, 2, and 3.

C. Tubing is used to convey oil and gas to the surface and must be made of steel of adequate strength to support its own weight, the weight of the contained product, and producing equipment.
Available in 1.050 to 4.500 00.
Tubing is available in specification API 5CT in the following grades: H-40, J-55, N-BO, L-BO, and P-110. Numerals indicate minimal yield strength expressed in 1000/PSI.

Surface finish - regular mill coating or bare.
End finish - Non Upset
External Upset-to Hydril or Atlas Bradford Specification
Plain Ends
Threaded Only - API Round or Buttress
T&C - API Regular Coupling
T&C - Buttress Couplings
T&C - Special Clearance Couplings - API or Buttress
Lengths - Range 1 & 2.

Size Designation - Sizes of casing, drill pipe, and tubing are designated by the exact 00 measurement and the weight per foot.
Method of Manufacture - Casing, liners, and tubing can be either seamless or electric weld. Drill pipe and work tubing must be seamless.

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